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These pages showcase the graphic design, illustration and commercial photography of
Dan Wend.

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About Wend Design

Philosophy and Perspective

The goal for any project is determined by the objectives laid out, usually by a Marketing Director, business owner, or organization leader. As a designer and marketing professional, it is crucial from the inception of a project to pay attention, take notes, sketch-out or pencil-in ideas, and ask a lot of questions. I make sure to do my homework and reasearch a company's products or services as a logical first step in the process. It's also a good idea to find out what the company's competitors are doing. Fortunately in the age of the internet, researching an industry, organization, product, company, or an effective, strategic business model is easier and faster than ever before.  

It is vital to approach a design and marketing plan with an allotted budget and production requirements in mind. Countless time-intensive ideas and designs have been committed to, then trashed - all because they weren't feasible due to prohibitive production or mailing costs and logistical limitations. The saying "measure twice, cut once" certainly applies in the design and printing industry.

I created, produced and managed most elements of the work featured in this online design portfolio. My career has evolved to include art, graphic design, illustration, art direction, creative direction and print project management, as well as marketing communications, management and direction. Most of the pieces showcased on this site were estimated, conceived, written, mocked-up, presented, revised, illustrated, prepared for prepress and then coordinated throughout the printing and often printing and mailing process by me for a variety of clients and employers. For many of the projects, I also served as photographer or photo/art director, working with professional photographers when necessary to create high quality product images, or a professional look when working with models. My work also includes design and consultation for websites and website marketing campaigns.

I was the founder and sole proprietor of MEDIA Graphics from 1986 through 1996.

I am available for consultation or contract projects on a limited basis. Please contact me for quotes, questions or special requests at dan@wendimages.com.


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