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Graphic Design

These pages showcase the graphic design, illustration and photography of Dan Wend.

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I've been be able to use my skills as an artist and illustrator/photo-illustrator in many design projects. With experience in all aspects of a design project, I am able to maintain tighter control over the visual elemnts of a piece.
Below are samples of my illustration work.


Virtual Sign Maker's Studio

Working in RayDream 3D, I created this graphic as part of an intereactive trade show display.



Grand Voyage

This image served as a branding device for Daniel Smith Artists Materials special volume purchase discount program for oil paints, watercolors and acrylics.




Magic Gate

This was an initial game background graphic used to illustrate how architectural elements from a stock image collection can be layered into creative combinations.





Flaming Rhino

This graphic was developed as a mascot for a vehicle graphics company.



Ralston Purina

I created this illustration using acrylic paints for the newly reintroduced "Chuck Wagon" dog food.




Out of This World

This graphic was created with Adobe Freehand for a T-shirt graphic.





Fish City

This photo-illustration was created as a concept for the Seattle Aquarium, and as a color sample to be printed on digital wide-format color printers.




Woodland Park Zoo

Created for a proposed advertising concept for Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo.




Flaming Man

This is part of a collection of vehicle graphics called "Kargoyles" which I created, using my own photography of gargoyles, combined with graphic effects created with Photoshop, CorelDRAW and Freehand.



Pink Wings

This illustration was created in Freehand, using a Vintage Automobile from a stock photo collection as a template, to show how to use the photos as a starting point for creative illustrations.









Illustration used as promotional piece for design company.



Eagle Graphic

Illustration used in logo for American Plastics Manufacturing Co.






Continental Furniture

This illustration was done in pen and ink, using a rapidograph and stippling to render soft tones in black and white.




Jumping Bass

I created this action shot/spot illustration for a company that developed and marketed high-end fishing gear.





Space Heater Cutaway

This illustration was created for Sears Company training and sales support literature.




Koll Business Park Map

This map was overlayed with color shades and printed in full color inside a leasing brochure.



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