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Graphic Design

These pages showcase the graphic design, illustration and imaging of Dan Wend.

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You don't have to marry a corporate identity or logotype when you create it, but in many ways, a client does. When I'm hired to create an identity for a business or organization, I try to design a logo that will look good, tell a story and last more than a few years before needing an update or new treatment. It has to be flexible in its applications, easy and economical to reproduce, look good large or small, be easy to read and instantly recognizable.

Pacific Northwest Writers Conference

Logo design and identity package for Pacific Northwest Writers Conference.


Nova Networks

Identity and branding for computer networking company, specializing in corporate LAN and WAN communications.


Sandpiper Beach Resort

Updated image and branding for Sandpiper Beach Resort on the Washington coast.


Emerald Productions, Inc.

Logo design and corporate identity for a video production and studio rental company.


Pinnacle Hardood Design, Inc.

Layout and development of logo for Northwest wood flooring design and installation company.


Color Control

Branding and packaging for color RIP software used with digital wide-format color printers



Little Rascals

Identity and branding for professional modeling and talent agency, specializing in child actors and models.



Nitro Productions, Incorporated

Logo development and identity for motion picture production company doing a film about race car legend, Big Daddy Don Garlitz.




The Frosty's logo was created as an illustration of what special graphic treatments could be accomplished using a CD collection of "Natural Background" images. The silvery filling inside the letterforms is an actual photograph of frost.



Floyd & Associates, LLC

Logo development and identity for tile display manufacturing and sales company.



PearSoft, Inc.

Logo for software startup company specializing in computer security.


Fast Lane Auto Racing

Logo developed for auto racing team.



3-Year Warranty Bug

Logo developed for print display advertisement, featuring a new, longer warranty on a digital printer.



Graphic word treatment, developed for corporate holiday greeting card.


Daniel Wend

Self Identity used in my creative art, commercial design, and photography. I created this font which is based on my own hand printed letter forms, using a calligraphy pen. I then modified and refined each letter form in a vector design program.


Mountain Brewing Company

Logo for micro brewing company and restaraunt.



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