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The canyons, deseerts, coulees, plateaus and mesas of the west are symbols of unspoiled, unforgiving wildness. With temperatures that range from -20 to 110 degrees, they are a study in extremes of temperature, geology, and solitude.

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Yucca Plant, Four Corners Area

The Ancient Puebloan Indians of the Southwest used the yucca plant for many purposes. They ate its fresh and fleshy fruits or dried them for winter. When baked, it tasted like potatoes. Yucca leaves, blended with hair or bird feathers were made into ropes and cords for a multitude of purposes such as rope ladders, sandals, cradle board straps, baskets or fishnets. Additionally, yucca leaves were employed in paintbrushes, and its saponin-rich roots were used in shampoo.

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