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The evidence of past life at Chaco Culture Canyon extend from the ruins of the ancient Ancestral Puebloan people that built their great houses, roads, and kivas there, to the 75 millioin year old fossils of even more ancient marine life that are found in the rocks and mesas that form the canyon. They were once part of the ocean floor millions of years ago.

The great house ruins of Chaco Canyon have monikers that are as interesting as their history, with names like: Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl, Kin Kletso, Hungo Pavi, and Una Vida.


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Ruins of Chetro Ketl
Wild Horses in New Mexico
House Ruin at Hungo Pavi
Chetro Ketl at Chaco Canyon
Hungo Pavi

Chetro Ketl Ruins

Doorway at Chetro Ketl
Trail to Pueblo Alto

Hungo Pavi Ruins

Kin Kletso

Large Wall at Hungo Pavi

Wall at Chetro Ketl

Great Kiva

Massasauga Rattlesnake

Chetro Ketl Wall

Kin Kletso, Chaco Canyon
\Walls of Kin Kletso
Kiin Kletso
Kin Kletso, Chaco Canyon
Kin Kletso
Kin Kletso Great House Ruins
Shell Fossils
Pueblo Alto Ruins
Fossils at Chaco Canyon
New Alto
New Alto Pueblo
Red Tailed Hawk
Pueblo Arroyo from Pueblo Bonito
Stairs Carved into Cliff
Pueblo Arroyo Great House
Pueblo Arroyo
Pueblo Arroyo, Chaco Canyon
Pueblo Arroyo Ruins
Pueblo Arroyo Great House
Wild Horses
Pueblo Arroyo Ruins
Pueblo Arroyo Kiva
Pueblo Alto
Chetro Ketl beams
Chaco Canyon Petroglyphs
Wild Horses - Mare and Colt
Pueblo Arroyo Doorways
Chaco Canyon Vista Anasazi Pottery Fragments Bird on the Ruins of Pueblo Alto
Pueblo Alto Ruins
Rattlesnake in Chaco Canyon
Golden Eagle over Chaco Canyon

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